Travel Notes: Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2007, when I was in Buenos Aires for the first time, I was shocked when the guys from the telecompany came to “cut off” my internet, literally, with scissors. Then Fernando, a real estate agent who helped me to get an apartment here, gave me a good advice: “Never forget that this is South America”. I have been living here for six months now and facing little cultural shocks every day. This city is not European, even if it might sometimes seem like it, for its people, architecture, restaurants and cafes. Actually you are reminded quite often that it’s not. Almost nothing works systematically, smoothly or the conventional way. It is definitely not like Finland. Still without any doubts Buenos Aires is my favorite city in the world.

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Office Summer Party

We celebrated our office summer party in the beautiful allotment gardens of Ruskeasuo. An idyllic miniature garden village, secluded from the big city that surrounds it. The weather was nice and warm and the atmosphere relaxed. It was a potluck event, so everybody brought some food. Delicious food and wine, as well as sentimental music from our team member Ahti, playing the accordion.

We at Tengbom Eriksson Architects wish everybody a nice and relaxing summer!

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Last Tuesday, 12th of February, some members of the Eriksson team followed the Finnish tradition of “Laskiainen” and went for some downhill sledding after work.

On our way to the hills, we found the stairs of the Helsinki Cathedral full of snow, and some of us couldn’t resist to try that with the sled (also known as “pulkka”). Then we continued to the hill of Kaivopuisto, which is very popular for students during this day of Laskiainen. Fortunately there were not too many people when we arrived, so we had a lot of space to go up and down the hill.

Fun and exercise in the fresh winter air!

Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year 2013!

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year 2013! This Christmas we have decided to spare the environment and instead of sending Christmas cards, we have given our support to the John Nurminen Foundation’s valuable work for saving the Baltic Sea.

Toivotamme teille hyvää joulua ja menestyksekästä uutta vuotta 2013! Tänä jouluna olemme päättäneet säästää ympäristöä ja joulukorttien lähettämisen sijaan olemme tänä jouluna jälleen tukeneet John Nurmisen säätiön arvokasta työtä Itämeren pelastamiseksi.

Vi önskar dig en God Jul och ett framgångsrikt Nytt År 2013! Den här julen har vi beslutat att skona miljön och istället för att skicka julkort har vi denna jul åter stött John Nurminens stiftelses värdefulla arbete för räddandet av Östersjön.

Les deseamos una Feliz Navidad y un Próspero Año Nuevo para 2013! Este año hemos decidido cuidar aun más del medioambiente y en lugar de mandar tarjetas de Navidad le hemos dado nuestro apoyo a la fundación John Nurminen por su gran trabajo para salvar el mar Báltico.

John Nurminen基金会”的波罗的海保护项目,为我们的环境做出更多的贡献。

The Office Dog

Moritz – The Office Dog

For a couple of months now, Moritz has been hanging out in the office, greeting people when he passes by and making us smile.  He has accompanied his owner Jonna to work.  Moritz, a whippet, is only 4 and ½ months old, but is a very well behaving fellow. He is keeping a low profile and sometimes you don’t even know that he is there, but his presence is calming. It has actually been studied that having a dog in the office may reduce stress and increase job satisfaction for all employees. Continue reading


Kestävän suunnittelun lisäksi Eriksson Arkkitehdit osallistuu ilmastotalkoisiin muun muassa työmatkapyöräilyn välityksellä. Osallistuimme tänä vuonna Kilometrikisaan. Kärkipaikkoja emme kolkutelleet, mutta tulipahan raitista ilmaa ja liikuntaa. Tässä kisastatistiikkaa: kahdeksanhenkinen joukkueemme polki yhteensä 4158 km eli 519,75 km/hlö. Bensaa säästimme 291 litraa. Olimme omassa sarjassamme sijalla 849. Konttorin kilometrikunkku oli Satu saldollaan 1200 kilometriä.
Tällä tuloksella ei vielä henkseleitä paukutella, sillä hävisimme roimasti mm. alakerran C&J:lle ( 679,08km/hlö) , SARC:ille (765,33 km/hlö) ja Lahdelma & Mahlamäelle (1702,56 km/hlö). Kuinka tästä eteenpäin? Noh, ensi vuonna väännetään siis kampea entistä ankarammin!

Kyseenalaista toimintaa Meritullinkadulla…

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Suburban Design – Future of Post-War Neighborhoods

Special Report from international urban design seminar at Vantaa, Helsinki & Espoo, September 12 to 14, 2012.

The seminar is part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 –project. The seminar was well-executed: 1/2 day lectures+1/2 day excursions each day. Apparently it’s status as part of the WDC-programme  has raised a high international interest, since Monocle (a media brand with magazine, web, broadcast etc. that focuses on global affairs, business, culture and design). had sent journalists on the occasion.

Vantaa’s Head of Planning, mr. Jukka Kullberg (FI) introduced us to Vantaa’s urban development from 1946 til present day. While showing Vantaa’s development in fast forward he also pointed out about the importance of local culture, and that culture evolves slower than construction work. “Towns are not about structures but also about culture. About a way of life.”

New Vuosaari.

One of Vuosaari’s newest buildings. That shadow in the corner is my finger…

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Our website now in 5 languages!

As an international and multicultural office we want to share our website in many different languages. We are now launching our website in 4 additional languages!

The new languages are Finnish, Swedish, Chinese and Spanish. We are one of the first Architects Offices in Finland to have our whole website in Chinese!

Please comment and don’t hesitate to let us know if you find any translation errors.