Discussing about Sustainable Development of Megacities, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I participated in the fourth edition of the forum Megacities 2013 that took place in the city of Buenos Aires on September 17th. The conference’s aim is to present and discuss innovative projects (products, solutions and answers) facing emerging cities’ related challenges in order to encourage a transformation to greener, healthier, friendlier, and more efficient metropolises.

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Travel Notes: Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2007, when I was in Buenos Aires for the first time, I was shocked when the guys from the telecompany came to “cut off” my internet, literally, with scissors. Then Fernando, a real estate agent who helped me to get an apartment here, gave me a good advice: “Never forget that this is South America”. I have been living here for six months now and facing little cultural shocks every day. This city is not European, even if it might sometimes seem like it, for its people, architecture, restaurants and cafes. Actually you are reminded quite often that it’s not. Almost nothing works systematically, smoothly or the conventional way. It is definitely not like Finland. Still without any doubts Buenos Aires is my favorite city in the world.

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Eriksson Architects plays badminton!

Eriksson Architects plays badminton every Wednesday in Merihaan Pallohalli! We aim to take care of our condition, spend some time together after work and train our “game eye”. Many of our employees have started playing from zero, without any experience, and progressed to an amazingly high level. One example of that is our Argentine strengthening Matias who says: “Badminton saved my marriage, and I lost 2 pounds in 16 months! Badminton is Awwwwwsome!”

Even if we are competitive and sometimes the game gets quite ruff, the most important thing is to have fun… and be the best badminton-playing architecture office in the world!