Office Seminar in Sundsberg

Last month we had a successful Office Seminar in the old Inspector’s house in Sundsberg, Kirkkonummi. On the program for the day were discussions about changes and improvements in the office. We discussed such things as the IT support, the ATL quality program, general information model standards for 2012 and the overall well-being in the office.

We had a nice lunch at the Sarfvik Golf Club (which was designed by Eriksson Architects as far back as 1989!). Later we discussed different strategies for the future, by example strategies for competitions and strategies for Research and Development. At the end we also got a presentation by Ms. Tea Ekengren and Mr. Pasi Heikkonen from EKE company about the Sundsberg Model 2020 eco-city planning project. Once again, learning makes the expertise!

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Greetings from Finlandia-house! Eriksson Architects attended IFME World Congress on Municipal Engineering June 5-6. Eriksson Architects’ Environmental Program as well as KUUMA-Quality Housing were introduced to a worldwide audience with members from as far as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Brazil!

Kaisa Junkkonen's presentation.

Our presentations stimulated interesting discussion. The Environmental Program is a research and development project whose aim has been to lead offices’ planning practices into a more sustainable direction. During the project we have been developing planning tools, such as Eriksson Architects’ eco-efficiency tool. Sustainability has many different aspects: environmental, social, economic and cultural. All of them should be considered when aiming to more sustainable communities. The challenge of having a reliable tool to evaluate all of them was pointed out in the comments of audience. Still, it was founded important to continue working for the better practices in urban planning, in its every sector and work field.
Satu Lavinen & slide parade.

Improved Eco-efficiency and sustainability have been the focus of KUUMA-Quality Housing project too. The main objective is to find structural and qualitative criteria that are in accordance with sustainable development. In addition, the project aims at constraining urban sprawl and raising the quality of construction in residential areas. Continue reading