Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a Valentine’s Card to all of our friends, clients, collaborators and all of you visiting our website, from all over the world. In our office many of us have different backgrounds, different opinions and different dreams for the future, yet we all are part of our small community and we’re all determined to make this small world a better place to live. We try to contribute at least by designing better homes, better buildings, better architecture and better ecology. Today, tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next…

All You Need Is Love! (…and Good Architecture!)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Happy Anniversary!

In the end of last year we learned that Eriksson Architects Ltd was ranked the 12th largest Finnish Architects’ office and 74th among the top Finnish consulting engineering and architectural firms. And today we celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of the company, founded February 9th 1979. As the French say, Noblesse oblige, we have an important heritage of many wonderful projects, but we don’t stop here. No, now we set our goals in breaking new records, finding new challenging and different projects.

Architecture and life is a wonderful journey into the unknown, as We Design Your Future